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This lovely 7-Chakra stone set forms a grid that is said to emit energy  in all directions equally. It can be used as a tool to balance and heal the 7 chakras.  The set of 7 semi-precious comes with an acrylic base and it is possible to choose which stones you would like. Choose from rose quartz (heart), onyx and jasper (root), honey jade (solar plexus), aventurine (heart), lapis lazuli (throat), amethyst, crystal quartz, and opalite (crown). 


Center Amethyst ball: 3 cm diameter, Remaining balls: 2cm diameter.


Acrylic base: 10 x10cm .

7-chakra stone set

  • 7 Chakra Semi-precious stone set with acrylic base . Used as tool for chakra healing.

    Centre Ball: 3 cm diameter, remaining balls: 2 cm diameter.

    Acrylic base: 10 x10cm .

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